Thursday, October 25, 2012

Child Pees In Bed

My 3 year old daughter has been potty-trained for the daytime, but still pees in bed.  We have her wear a diaper or pull-up when she goes to bed to make sure she doesn't wet the bed.  Normally we just use diapers at night since they are cheaper and she doesn't wake up at night to go to the bathroom.  There is no need for us to pay more for the ease of pulling the pull-ups up or down since it doesn't happen at night time.

Last week, we decided to try having our daughter wear her big girl undies to bed to see if she would stay dry.  When we woke up, her and her bed were wet.  I needed to wash everything!  We tried again the next night and the same thing happened.  My daughter was very excited about wearing her big girl undies to bed, but we had to put the diapers back on at night time.  Washing all the sheets on her bed everyday was getting to be too much.

Two things that I do recommend having when night training are a mattress protector and Tide Pods.  Mattress protectors do not cost much and keep the mattress from getting wet, which will help you save money over time.

Tide Pods are convenient and work and smell great!  Tide detergent pod get rid of the urine smell and clean and brighten very well!