Thursday, April 4, 2013

Best Tip For Potty Training Your Child

About a month or so ago, my three year old daughter decided that diapers were uncomfortable and that they were for babies and that she is NOT a baby.  She wants to be a big girl and wants nothing to do with diapers anymore, not even Pull-ups!  She just made the decision one day out of the blue and has stuck to her decision since then.  I am so proud of her for finally doing it!

My daughter began potty-training when she was one year old.  She saw her big brother potty-training and she wanted to do it too.

She still has an accident at nighttime while she is sleeping, but they are getting fewer and far between.  Now I just have to figure out what to do with all these diapers that I still have!

The best tip I have for any parent who is potty-training their child is to not rush it.  Take it one day at a time.  Have fun with it!  Your son or daughter will figure it out sooner or later.  (You don't see many middle-schoolers walking around in diapers!).  By not rushing it, you and your child will be under a lot less stress and who knows, maybe your child will potty-train quicker without the stress.

We used the Baby Bjorn toilet trainer seat and stool.  It makes the toilet seat smaller so your child doesn't fall through and their pee and poo goes directly into the toilet.  It's so much cleaner and easier than the floor models of potties.  It also comes in tons of nice colors that will go with your bathroom.

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