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Thursday, May 16, 2013

When Boys Learn To Pee In The Potty

I have a 5 year old potty-trained son and I have found that I have to clean this one area more often than ever before.  The back of the base of the toilet gets very messy and needs to be cleaned every couple days.  

Young boys get distracted very easily.  They may be aiming at the toilet one second and the next second something catches their eye.  If you have a young boy who is potty trained, make sure you check around the base of the toilet (especially around the back) for any mishaps!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

When Your Child Wets The Bed

You finally have your child potty trained during the day, but what happens when your little boy or girl wets the bed at night?  Since a child doesn't know what they are doing at night time, they cannot stop themselves from wetting the bed.

When you child wets the bed it just takes time!  There are a few products you can use to keep the bed dry when you child wets the bed though.

If your child is willing to wear training pants, have them wear them at night.

If your child is like mine, she does not want to wear training pants.  She wants to wear underwear at night.  But then she wets the bed and I end up cleaning all the sheets on her bed each day.  Instead, I found a product that I can use to keep her bed dry at night.  I place this directly under her to keep her sheets dry through the night.  The mat has an adhesive on the bottom that keeps it in place while your child tosses and turns at night.  The adhesive does not come off on the sheets when you take it off in the morning.  The mats are large enough to cover the areas that you need to have covered.  I don't have to clean her sheets everyday anymore!  For this reason alone, the GoodNites bed mats are worth every penny!