Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Potty-Train In Time For Preschool

My son and daughter were accepted into the preschool we wanted to send them to.  Yay!!!  I am so excited!  My 3 year old son will go 2 mornings a week and my daughter, who will be 2, will go 1 morning a week.  Now we really have to get serious about potty-training.  We have been stuck in the house for the past 2 days due to the blizzard and frozen roads.  Since we have been home, I have only put my son in underwear, except during naps and bedtime.  He has been doing great.  A few times, a peed and poo'd in the hallway in front of the bathroom.  When I asked him why he did that, he answered "because I did".   Oh well! I'll never get a straight answer.  My daughter really likes to dump her poo into the potty after she goes poopy in her diaper.  She really doesn't like wet or dirty diapers.  When I put her on the potty, she usually pees and sometimes poops too!  We have until the Fall to get them potty-trained.   Hopefully we will succeed by then.

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