Wednesday, March 30, 2011

They Know When They Are Wearing Diapers

We have finally potty-trained my son, during the day at least.  We still put a diaper or pull-up on him at night time.  I think we could have potty-trained him sooner if we had figured something pretty simple out.  He knew when he was in diapers.  He knew that he could pee and poop in them!  When we would put underwear on him, he would not have accidents, but when we went out with him or where too tired to deal with potty-training, we would put diapers on him and he would always poo or pee in them because he knew he could.  I finally made the plunge about a month or so ago and decided that he was going to be in underwear all day.  It was pretty scary for me because I was afraid he was going to have an accident and then we would have to go home.  He only had one or two accidents, but I think it helped him realize that he needs to go in the potty instead.  Now that he has been in underwear during the day for over a month, he has not had any accidents and will even go to the bathroom on his own.  I have noticed that most of his pull-ups are still dry in the morning when he wakes up.  Hopefully we will be able to have him in underwear while he is sleeping soon!

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