Thursday, December 2, 2010

Elmo helps kids to poop on the potty!

Today, I was reading a book that I got out of the library "Potty Time with Elmo (Little Sounds Book) to my kids.  My kids laugh every time they push the toilet paper roll button.  In the book, Elmo is teaching his doll, Baby David, to go pee and poop on the potty.   Then I thought, maybe that could work for us!  I found an Elmo doll that is as big as my daughter in my house and put a diaper on him.  I told my kids that we had to teach Elmo to go potty and they loved the idea.  We ran to the bathroom and took Elmo's diaper off and sat him down on the potty.  I made pee and poop sounds and then we congratulated Elmo for going potty on the toilet.  My kids that this was a lot of fun and they wanted to show Elmo how they go pee and poop on the potty too.  My 1 1/5 year old daughter sat down, stared at Elmo and pooped on the potty!  Yay!  Elmo did a dance.  Then my 3 year old son got on because he wanted to show Elmo how he goes potty.  He peed on the potty!  No poop, but he had just gone in his diaper not too long before we tried this.  Elmo is sitting in the bathroom right now waiting for the kids to show him how they go potty.  Yay for Elmo!!!

Potty Time with Elmo (Liittle Sound Book)

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