Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Pee in Once Upon A Child

I am taking a break potty-training my daughter since she is sick with a cold.  My son has been wearing underwear all weekend and for the beginning of the week.  I put underwear on him again today.  He has a fascination with batteries and flashlights and my husband just gave him a new one yesterday.  He was taking the batteries out and putting them back in again all morning, which distracted him from potty-training.  I sat him on the potty before we left the house and he went pee.  When we got to Once Upon A Child to look for Winter gear, he screamed that he had to go potty.  They would not let us use their potty, so my son peed his pants.  They wouldn't even let me use the changing room to change his pants because they had carpets.  For being a child consignment shop, it wasn't very kid friendly.  )-:  They told me to go 3 stores away to use their potty, so I picked up my screaming kids, wrestled their coats on and carried them in 15 degree weather to the potty 3 stores away.  What an experience!!!

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