Friday, November 26, 2010

Turkey Day Poop

We had my  1 1/2 year old daughter and 3 year old son sit on the potty a few times yesterday, with a few pees from both of them.  My daughter pooped on the potty, but I still have not gotten my son to poop on the potty yet.  My daughter may be potty trained before my son!  My son does say he has to go potty now, runs to the potty and goes pee by himself sometimes.

Today, we put underwear on my son.  We usually put underwear on him when my husband is home with us since I have extra help.  On workdays, I usually just put diapers and bring them to the potty when I can. My son had a little runny poo and had 3 accidents in his underwear, so we had to throw them out.  Poor Lightening McQueen!  Now he is back in a diaper, but he just told me that he needed to pee and then asked if he had underwear or a diaper on.  I think he was trying to decide if he should pee in his diaper or go potty.  I brought him to the potty and he went pee-pee.   Yay!  He asked for a piece of candy afterwards so I gave him one skittle.  We are using our trick-or-treating candy as our bribe.  Bribing seems to work!

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